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Teacher/Staff Relation

November Door Decorating Results

  Best Use of Theme   Best Use of Color
1st Mr. Sims   Ms. Lovett
2nd Ms. Mairs   Ms. D. Wallace
3rd Ms. Barber   Ms. Rodriquez
4th Mr. Desiano   Ms. Streza
  Most Creative   Best Door
1st Mr. Wigglesworth   Ms. Marshall/Ms. Pierce
2nd Mr. Brooks   Ms. Fenstermaker
3rd Ms. Swenson   Mr. Daly
4th Mr. Hulse   Ms. Rodriquez
  Top Departments    
1st Social Studies    
2nd Fine Arts    
3rd English    

Math Department of the Month Luncheon

Math Department Luncheon: Wednesday October 18 in the gym

Committee Members

Grecia Flores (12): Commissioner of Teacher and Staff Relations 

Lola Holtby (10): Deputy of Teacher and Staff Relations 

Kayla Mazzotti (12): Committee Member

Ruthie Shenoy(9): Committee Member 

Lacey Hunner(9): Committee Member 

Madeline Kleindienst(9): Committee Member