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Private Colleges and Universities


The application process to a private college/university will vary from school to school.  Private and Independent universities differ from the UC and CSU significantly in their application process.  Generally speaking, they will have the same subject requirements as the UC and CSU (a-g subject pattern); however, students should check the home website of the university in question to be certain.  

To apply to Private Colleges / Universities students must:

  1. Complete application and any supporting documents by deadline provided for specific private or out-of-state universities by accessing the respective university website. (Note: Application deadlines for private universities will vary by institution.)
  2. Research from each university if a college essay will be required.
  3. Request Letters of Recommendation from Teachers, Coaches and Academic Advisor.
  4. Submit your official transcript by ordering is through Parchment via the DHHS website 
  5. Contact College Board or ACT to have your SAT, AP ,or ACT test scores sent to campuses to which you've applied.

Common Application – Be sure to check the Common Application network to see if the private/independent universities to which you are applying are members.  If so, you only complete one application online at Common App for all colleges to which you are applying. Send any request or invitation to complete the school profile or mid-year report to your Academic Advisors' email address. Academic Advisors can be reached by email as follows:

Applications to private/independent universities in California or out of state often require the submission of letters of recommendation, secondary school reports, and mid-year reports to be completed by Academic Advisors and teachers. 

The completed packet must include:

  • Cover letter (can be found within the packet)
  • Student Profile
  • A student resume - Sample in packet
  • Counselor Evaluation Form and the Secondary School Report (if applicable – downloaded from university website or through invitation if using Common App, etc.)
  • College Essay (if you were required to write one)
  • Personal Letter of Recommendation (see instructions and sample in packet.)

early action vs regular admission

Application deadlines vary from as early as October 1st (for Early Action/Decision programs) to as late as February for some schools.  Most Regular Admissions deadlines will be somewhere between December 1st through January 15th.  Please note that Early Action does not pertain to UC or CSU.

The Common App is used by over 400 colleges and universities across the country.  Students need to create an account on the online Common App website.  As part of the process, you will need to invite your Academic Advisor and the teacher who will be writing a letter of recommendation and provide their email.  Your advisor and teacher will be notified by email. 


You will self report your grades to the CSU and UC systems on your application. You may view your unofficial transcript on your parent or student portal.  Do not send transcripts to the UC/CSU systems when you apply.

If your college requires you to use The Common Application or SENDedu, then your Academic Advisor will include a transcript with her Secondary School Report.  You are responsible to make sure your Advisor gets the email request from Common App or SENDedu.

Should you have other schools that require an official transcript at the time of application, you must send it using the Parchment website.