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Ultimate Frisbee

Ultimate Frisbee Rules and Regulations

-Teams of 7

-Games played to 5 points on the field at lunch

-Once the frisbee is caught, the player who caught it must stop

-The player with the frisbee CAN pivot but CANNOT take any steps

-If the frisbee is hit down at the throw off, it is still the receiving team's frisbee

-Throw off must be behind the end zone line

-If the frisbee hits the ground, it changes possession

-If the frisbee is intercepted, it changes possession

-No skip passes

-Frisbee must be thrown to pass, no hand offs

-When a player reaches the end zone, it's a point for their team

-If a team passes in their own end zone, the other team gets a point and receives a throw off, however, if it's hit by the the other team play resumes

-If the throw off goes past the end zone, the team starts at the end zone

-If the frisbee lands in the end zone, the other team must throw it out to start their possession

-All calls made by the refs are final

-The champion team will be awarded "Intramural Champion" t-shirts