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Physical Education

Physical Education/Health Department

Physical Education Department
Lindsey Lee Brad Carter Craig Dunn Ken Workman

Lindsay Lee

Dept. Chair

Bradley Carter Craig Dunn Ken Workman


Contact Information
Bradley Carter ex: 11885 Teacher
Craig Dunn ex: 11506 Physical Education and CCP Teacher/ Boys' X-Country Coach
Lindsey Lee ex: 11951 Physical Education, Health and Dance Teacher
Kenneth Workman ex: 11506 Physical Education and CCP Teacher


Craig Dunn

Craig Dunn

Lindsey Lee

Lindsey Lee

Currently Teaches: Dance Ensemble, Dance Production

Lindsey Lee is in her tenth year of teaching dance at Dana Hills High School. Mrs. Lee attended UCLA, where she studied, trained, and performed with a diverse and accomplished faculty. Mrs. Lee danced professionally in Los Angeles as a member of the UCLA Dance Team. Since college she has coached, choreographed, and taught master classes throughout the Southern California area. She has produced countless dance shows at Dana Hills High School and enjoyed helping to build the SOCSA dance program into what it is today.


Kenneth Workman

Ken Workman


Curriculum Emphasis is Life-time sports and activities. When students leave our program, we want them to know more than just rules of the game. We want them to have acquired a working knowledge of physiology, anatomy, health, and physical fitness that they will carry with them throughout their lives. We want to create within each student an appreciation and favorable attitude toward physical activity.


  • To develop maximum potential in physical fitness for good health.
  • To acquire knowledge and skills in lifelong sports and leisure time.
  • To participate in physical activities as an individual and as a member of a team.
  • To experience competition and to practice cooperation.
  • To express oneself creatively through physical activity.
  • Help the student progress from beginning to advanced skill level in various activities.
  • To perform publicly as an athlete or as a member of a creative group.
  • To help students appreciate fitness and health through lifelong leisure time sports.
  • To create a safe, enjoyable, environment for all students in our Physical Education Program

Assigned Tutorial Make up: Gives physical education students the opportunity to make-up points lost due to absences, truants, non-suits, medicals, unexcused absences, and test runs.
Location: Each PE Teacher has their own specific location:

  • Daniels:        Pool area
  • Dunn:           Pull up bars/tables
  • Hanscome:  Tables overlooking stadium
  • Wood:          Blacktop (for roll) move to tables overlooking stadium

Time: Assigned Tutorial: 9:51 AM to 10:19 AM.


 Students needing to make up: absences, non suits, and points off must Dress Out in PE clothes and meet with instructor.

 Students who have no work to make up: no dress, bring book to read or work to do. It will be a Study Hall for you.

Required Materials


  • PE Uniforms:  Students are strongly encouraged to wear PE clothes to include a plain light gray t-shirt & plain royal blue shorts (preferably no pockets). DHHS PE shorts and shirts are available for purchase from the PE teachers or a student can purchase the items on their own; staying within the guidelines of a plain light gray shirt and plain royal blue shorts.   
  • *If a student is unable to purchase these items, DHHS PE Department will provide Loaner clothes for the semester.  If the loaner clothes are lost or stolen, or not returned, the student will be requested to pay for them.   A debt notice will be issued in the ASU office and the student will be required to pay the debt notice prior to receiving their diploma.  The policy is the same if a student were to lose a school issued text book.
  • Athletic tennis shoes:  (no slip-on shoes or boots for safety purposes)
  • Sweats:  Plain royal blue sweats to include a plain royal blue crew sweatshirt and plain royal blue sweatpants; students have the option of purchasing the DHHS PE sweats or purchasing their own plain royal blue crew sweatshirt and plain royal blue sweatpants.
  • Combination Padlock:  Students are strongly encouraged to bring in their own combination padlock (no key locks) in order to receive a PE locker to lock up their valuables.  The PE Department has Loaner combination locks for the semester, also, just like the Loaner PE clothes.  It must be returned by the end of the semester in order to avoid a Debt notice.
  • Lockers:  Those students who have combination locks will be issued a PE locker to securely store their belongings while in class.

       No cell phones, IPODS, hats/beanies or sunglasses allowed.


Uniform Prices

T-shirt: $10.00
Shorts: $10.00
Sweatpants/ Sweatshirt: $25 if bought together
Sweatshirt: $15.00 bought individually
Sweatpants: $15.00 bought individually

Replacement lock: $5:00


2015-2016 9th Grade Physical Fitness Letter

Physical Education Medical Note Process

Please see the attached flow chart for the use of medical notes to excuse your child from P.E. activity.


Physical Education Medical Note Process - Flow Chart


P.E. Limitations - Medical Modification Form