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Sailing Organization | Carsen Lenthall & Christopher Samia

Hi, we’re Carsen Lenthall and Christopher Samia.  We are part of the Dana Hills Sailing Organization which is associated with Dana Point Yacht Club.  Carson has been sailing for eight years while Christopher has just started sailing in this organization.  Last weekend we had our first regatta where the DHHS Sailing Organization placed one of our boats third out of 26 boats. This was just the first of many regatta opportunities that we will have.  In this organization, you can join as a beginner or as an advanced sailor. There is no cost to being a member of the organization, although, in order to participate in active sailing regattas, you will need to learn to sail and apply for classification level membership. In our organization, we will teach the fundamentals of sailing, strategies and water safety, along with learning the skills it takes to become a competition sailor.  Thanks for coming and we hope this has encouraged you to join the Dana Hills Sailing Organization.

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Carsen Lenthall
Carson Lenthal
Christopher Samia
Christopher Samia