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Visual and Performing Arts

Visual and Performing Arts

Natalie Hribar-Kelly

Dept. Chair

Brittany Casey


Glenn Forster

Alissa Hernandez

Krista Rodriguez

Samantha Sanford

Matthew Smith

Ray Medina

Chau Tran


Contact Information
Brittany Casey ex: 11201 SOCSA Dance/Musical Theater/ASU Instructor
Glenn Forster ex: 11507 CCP and AP Comp Sci Teacher/ Athletic Golf Coach
Natalie Hribar-Kelly ex: 11508 Fine Arts Teacher/ Fine Arts Department Chair
Ray Medina ex: 11101 Fine Arts Teacher
Krista Rodriguez ex: 11301 Fine Arts Teacher
Samantha Sanford ex: 11305 Fine Arts Teacher
Matthew Smith ex: 11102 Fine Arts Teacher
Chau Tran ex: 11284 Fine Arts Teacher
Jana ~Garber ex: 11202 Fine Arts Teacher