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Student Senate

Meeting Minutes March 9th

9:56 meeting started


Air guitar - raise money for best buddies in room 305 and host an event for them

Problems on finding, permit, whole bunch of money problems

Instead of night time air guitar, a lunch time air guitar with maybe 10-12 acts including best buddies, food day that day, all about making them smile

A lot better for legacy

Lunch would be extended, no tutorials

Senate act (maybe)

Teacher act

Best buddies act, etc.

We fund a food day, WE ALL APPRECIATE FOOD

“Her you go, here’s a food” - Elliot Sloan 2018

Get the ball rolling for next year

Acts are 3 minutes each, taste testing year, we could possibly get 16 groups

We cant fund for things that the district has control over

The lunch ladies don’t like when we sell food during lunch hours (one food day per year)

We already approved this to be an event, all we need is the Senate

Take place during the student choice tutorial and lunch

We have the food day, even though we already had he culture fair

Cole spicer asked for a motion to approve the air guitar event


It will take up about 1/3 about our budget

The newspaper needs some funding for two more issues, 1800 for 2 issues, 900 for 1 issue

Cody Martin - asks how many read the newspaper (a lot of the people actually do)

Suggestion to get 1 issue but they prefer for two issues

ISSUE - we’re not allowed to directly give money to another department

We could fund for it

About 4 grand in all for newspaper + air guitar event

Most likely 1 issue will be the best, for at least right now

Would newspapers fall in our guidelines for a school benefit?

Are newspapers really good? Hey actually win a lot of awards, improved Dana’s status, they’re doing better after doing ads

Does it have to be 900 or can we lower the price based on the amount of papers?

Set for about 900-1000 papers

Very temporary, we should do something to affect the future, not just right now

Digitalize newspapers, and send them in the school loop email every Sunday?

SOSCA uses the newspaper for props

Can there be a yearly fund for the newspaper?

Cheapest ad is $25.5

More beneficial through something like advertisements, not just dumping $900

$50 every issue or every other issue (about 10 issues a year)

Should be talking about this with our second period classes

$3000 for Senate yearly, but we got $9000 this year

$5000 have to go to the bleachers

WE ONLY HAVE $3000!!

Where are we with urinal dividers? - Dom

Erin - we should have an opportunity to donate during the food day to fund for iPads


10:21 meeting adjourned

Meeting Minutes February 23rd

9:55 Elliott calls meeting to order

Hayden- approves previous meeting minutes

Attendance: 69



Ned: We realize we did not have a constitution in place one of been written on the school open and modified but it had been washed it was no digital copy nor was there a complete printed copy I was finding all ditto sheet I get to pages here and I find another page or something else there so we rewrite the Constitution it was ratified by ASU back that it included the format of the student center the format officially rad five kids from each grade and wanted to start one in the fifth year they started one but they started that with a single senator from every second. Class which was not the constitution we continue to follow that model for about three years and we added the second senator from each class so we got great representation there is a provision in addition in the constitution that says these are constitutional commissioner but the president has the power to appoint anybody in an ad hoc position does not need my permission he does not need ASU‘s permission that’s not need to send it to create an appointment. I am retiring soon and Elliott and Tommy want to keep jobs and responsibilities safe in formal writing

Ned: Will represent every second. number two we are going to have the following positions on Cabinet again they already exist but now they’re permanent they are the senior director of activities by the way if you don’t know we divided ASU up in the last couple years and the three groups and activities recognition and communication that helps myself I’ve basically been by myself this year I go to my three senior directors your students to help me coordinate the mission Mark you have senior director of activities of recognition and communications and intermural’s in recognition they are athletic arts him teachers students there is a community service that is not in the constitution we’ve been using yet but we want to merge it with kids helping kids and then in communications we are all have we all aluminate the deputy and just make them up from missioner and then they’ll be a commissioner of graphic arts and social media and the commissioner a posters. Icc is elected. Formalize positions. We need class president and Vice President.

Kaden- Forester: What would a Vice President be doing?

Ned: Helping with homecoming and major dances.

Elliott: No I was such a sophomore class president with Shelby Angel as my sec trash and really you ran home coming at me not well we did the homecoming halftime show and we also did the winter formal which was it was really hard to be decisive on things.  she wanted this to make this a little bit better and I wanted this to this a little bit better and it would’ve been nice to have a third body because number one she’s super involved and I’m super involved so one of us was not we can find a good time where there’s two of us it would help us there and it also would’ve made that elections where are you she ran unopposed a lot more competitive due to more things to wrap that makes sense.

Zeke- Wigglesworth: We have ability to change constitution.

Ned: Senate has power to revoke money.

Senate can say that we no longer finance athletic dep. if they don’t uphold DHHS traditions

Elliott: Be prepared to talk about new ideas and stuff on Friday

Zeke-Motions to vote on approval to Change the constitution

Dominic- Vermeulen: I want summary

Ned: *Summarizes positions that will be added

-Vice President for each class

-ad hock positions ASU has been using but not officially

Jack-stirts - motions to adjourn meeting 10:19

Proposed Constitution and By-Laws Changes

The comparison between the old and new documents are available below.  The primary goal of these revisions is to increase clarity and ensure that it is relevant without further modification for years to come.


The vote on these documents will occur at the beginning of the new school year.





Student Senate Funds

The Student Senate is allotted funds dedicated to the improvement of the campus. Tell your Student Seantors what you would like to see done with this money when the new school year begins!

Student Senate Mission Statement

The goal of the Student Senate is to give all students a voice in which student activities are held and how they are to be run. Also the Student Senate is designed to allow students to identify various problems around campus and make sure that the school administration is aware of the students' wishes. 

Student Senate Advisor
Michael Wigglesworth ex: 11919 Social Science Teacher
Senate Calendar

Meeting Minutes for 2017-2018 School Year