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Homework Center Now Open and Available
Posted 9/20/18

Parents and Guardians,


If a student is struggling with organization, time management, or academics, please encourage him or her to take full advantage of Dana Hills High School’s Homework Center. The service is FREE and available after school Monday-Thursday. If you want to make sure that your student attends, please feel free to send him or her to the Homework Center with a copy of the attached Homework Center Attendance Verification Form.


Parents and guardians, please take this opportunity to connect with your student and support his or her growth and development. Pull up the student’s grades on School Loop and start an honest conversation. Please remember that the student must make the time and effort if he/she wishes to improve his or her grade. If you wish to give the Homework Center a try, feel free to print out the Verification Form and invite the student to attend one of four available days. The Verification Forms are designed to help hold students accountable. When a student brings home proof that he or she put in some extra effort, please take the time and energy to acknowledge and appreciate the effort. If a student seems unable to make the time to improve his or her grade, perhaps he or she will have to consider temporarily reducing the amount of social and technological distractions.


Every Dolphin Matters,


The Dana Hills Homework Center