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National Student Council

I. Governance

Governing Documents:

Constitution and By-Laws

Student-Led Activities and Meetings


Annual Elections

Election Rules

Election Process


Student Council Meeting Calendar

Parliamentary Procedures


II. Service

Participation in Service:

Council-Sponsored Service Project (November Food Drive)

Serving the Community:

Community Service Project (RH Holiday Party)


III. General Activities and Operations

Spirit and Social Activities:

Two Spirit and Social Activities (Homecoming and Clash of Classes)

Activity that Highlights Diversity (Humans of Dana)

Council Operations:

Student Council Budget

Council Role/ Membership Reports

Meetings with Principal

Student Council Participation on a District-Level Committee/ School Board


IV. Civic Engagement and Student Voice


Council-Sponsored Fundraising Project (White-Out Football Game)


Leadership Training Sessions by Council Members (OCL and CADA)

Advisor Participation in Professional Development Sessions (CADA)


Student Council Memos/ Announcements

Civic-Based Activities:

Civic Connection Activity (Marco Forster Middle School Dance)

Student Voice:

A Forum for Student Opinions and Ideas

At-Large Student Participation on Student Council Committees


Additional Evidence: I. Governance

Governing Documents:

Changes/ Updates to the By-Laws


Online Voting


Student Council Officer Meetings

Sample Meeting Agendas


Additional Evidence: II. Service

Serving the Community:

Student Generated List of Community Needs

Service Learning:

Service Learning Features in Student Council Service Projects (Planning Guide for the Stand Up to Cancer Football Game)


Additional Evidence: III. General Activities and Operations

Spirit and Social Activities:

Advertisements, Goals, and Statements of Purpose that Promote Positive Social Behaviors

Activity that Aids the Transition of Middle School into High School (Dolphin Experience)

Activity Engaging and Welcoming New Students (New Student Orientation)

Council Operations:

Finance Recordkeeping 

Treasurer's Report

Council Member Roll


Project revenues and Contributions

Reputable and Charitable Groups and Organizations

Leadership Training:

Training Log/ Skill Mastery Sheet (Activity Planning Guide and Post-Event Evaluations)


Council Members' Writing or Oral Presentations

Student Council Submission for Publication or Presentation


Additional Evidence: IV. Civic Engagement and Student Voice

Building a Positive School Climate:

Activity that Contributes to the Development of a Positive School Climate (Puppy Party)

Activity that Fosters Positive Relations between Faculty/ Staff and Students (Bagel Day)

Collaborating with a Parent Group

Responsible Social Media Use:

Social Media Used to Communicate Responsibly

Social Media Used to Promote Council Activities

Civic-Based Activities and Student Voice:

Council Officer Presentation to a Civic Board/ Committee


Additional Evidence: V. Other Council Activities

Local and State Involvement:

Professional Development Activity to Enhance Knowledge of a Student Council Management/ Leadership Instruction

Other Leadership Training:

Regular Leadership Training Activities (SMART Goals and Good to Great Analysis)

Leadership Training Provided to other Clubs

Council Members Sharing their Leadership Skills to Younger Students from Feeder Schools


Principal Letter of Recommendation

Principal Letter of Recommendation

Recognition and Media

Recognition 1:

2019 Darrel Stillwagon Award Winners at Orange County Leadership Camp

Media Story 1:

2019 Darrel Stillwagon Award

Media Story 2:

Dana Hills Special Olympics

Media Story 3:

Riley McCoy's Graduation (1)

Riley McCoy's Graduation (2)