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Our Intramurals Instagram account is @danaintramurals. Here, tournament details and schedules will be posted, along with any updates and announcements. Keep up to date with the latest Intramural news!

What We Do

Intramurals are sport activities held at lunch in the gym or on the field. They are stress-free activities with no try-outs required, and absolutely anyone can participate (even staff members!). Sign-ups for the intramurals are usually held the week before the games begin in the mall at lunch, and games typically occur on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. Tournaments are single elimination and winning players are awarded champion t-shirts and Clash of the Classes points. Next time you see a sign-up table in the mall at lunch grab some friends and sign up for the chance to be featured on this page and receive the ultimate bragging rights over your peers.


Hope to see you soon


Maddie McDermott - ASU Intramurals committee commissioner

Carson Steenblock - ASU Intramurals committee deputy

Intramural Contact Information

Phone Number: (949) 870-8886

All information will come from this source. If you have any questions, please send a text.

Attendance Guidelines

Always be at locations for intramurals no more than 5 minutes after the lunch bell rings.  Games will be forfeited if at least one member of the team is not present at 5 minutes and a full team by 10 minutes.  Send a text if you are not able to attend.  Not attending game days a team or individual is scheduled to play in will result in your forfeit of the game. 


Intramural Committee Members 2016-2017

Commissioner of Intramurals - Maddie McDermott (11)


Deputy of Intramurals -  Carson Steenblock (10)


Intramurals Council -  Katie LaBella(11)


Intramurals Council - Clayton Vincent (10)


Intramurals Council -  Brody Sullivan (9)


Intramurals Council - Tristan Frickman (9)