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Enrolling a New Student

Please follow the process below to enroll your student.

1. Enroll student online:

Begin Online Enrollment

On the home page, under the picture, click on  Enrolling in our Schools ; on the next page under Online Enrollment , click the highlighted “click here” link. At the bottom of the next page, click on “Enroll a Student.

Now you are at the first page of Internet Enrollment. This program will take about 20 minutes to complete. At the end, a page will appear stating that you have completed your enrollment. Please Print the report and bring this printout along with required documents (listed below) to Dana Hills High School.

Students are not enrolled until necessary documents are brought to the Registrar’s office. At that time, your paperwork will be confirmed, and you will meet with an Academic Advisor to discuss course placement.

2. Parents must provide the following items in order to enroll their child:

Proof of Residency BP 5111.1(b)*** 2 items required ***

Current Rental Agreement or Mortgage Statement in parent name with property address         


Current utility bill in parent’s name (Gas, Electric, or Water)                        

Immunization Record  BP 5165.1

Record must be provided that your child has received all of their immunizations. 

Proof of Tdap shot given after child’s 7th birthday.

Birth Certificate  BP 5111(a) 

Copy is fine; does not need to be original.

Withdrawal Slip w/ Transfer Grades

Please be sure to officially withdraw from previous school and bring us the withdrawal slip. The grades your child was receiving when he/she left should be written on the withdrawal report.

**If your child is in Special Ed, please bring in most recent IEP.

Recent Unofficial Transcript

Please contact child’s last school to request.


Immediately after enrollment, a Registration Packet may be provided to the student.  All required registration forms must be completed and turned in on the first date of attendance. 

All students must complete the registration forms every year. This includes current CUSD students who are automatically enrolled from the prior middle schools and Dana Hills students from the prior school year of attendance. These required forms includes the following:

  • Student Information Card/Emergency Card
  • Student Ethnicity/Race
  • Acknowlegement Card
  • Voluntary Drug Testing Program Form 
  • McKinney-Vento Assistance Act
  • Migrant Education Program (if applicable)



Susanna Lomeli

ext. 11013

Guided Tours

Guided tours are given by our PTSA once a month.  

Our next tour dates are as follows:

March 5th

April 9th

May 7th

Please call or email Raylen Andersen in Guidance for more information. 

dolphin ambassadors