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Dolphin Pride

NO Upcoming Service Hour Opportunities Due to early school closure


  • Thank you to all students who completed school service this year for Dolphin Pride. Please turn in your hours as soon as possible. Due to the pandemic and school closure PTSA will only require 7.5 hours of school service this year and all other requirements will only need to be met for the Fall 2019 semester in order to receive the award for the 2019-2020 school year.

  • Please look for a loopmail from Dolphin Pride Chair, Stephanie Lenthall, and reply to it with images of your logs. 

Ongoing Opportunities for Hours

Dolphin Force

     -- Promote Ralph's and Amazon Smile fundraisers through student's connections/classes/clubs/neighbors

     -- Support grant funding research and writing of grants




Plastic Bottles and Aluminum Cans Community Recycling Drives

Come earn your hours recycling on certain Saturdays (see below) from 9am-11am.  

Location: DHHS back parking lot near the tennis courts and pool.

2019 - 2020 Saturday Recycling Dates, 9:00 – 11:00am

  • September 7 & 21
  • October 5 & 19
  • November 2 & 16
  • December 7
  • January 11 & 25
  • February 8 & 22

Previous Volunteer Opportunities

Dana Hills Invitational - 9/28

Dolphin Force opportunities (ongoing)

Baking for Back to School Night 
Back to School Night Bake Sale/School Supplies Drive 


Packet distribution 


All students at Dana Hills High School are eligible for this award which is based on satisfactory academic achievement, outstanding attendance, outstanding citizenship, and school service. 

Applications are due to the PTSA mailbox in the front office by 3:00 p.m. on September 20, 2019

Applications turned in after September 20, 2019 will not be accepted.


Academic Achievement:  Maintain a minimum of 2.5 GPA with no D or F grades on first semester report card and no D’s or F’s through the spring 12-week progress report (March 31, 2017).

Citizenship:  No “N” or “U” marks in citizenship on all progress reports and semester report cards.

Attendance:  No more than two tardies (including “Q” excused tardy) per class per semester and no more than a total of ten tardies for the academic school year. No truancies (period or day). No more than five absences (for any reason other than school events/business) for the academic school year. For the purpose of this award, college visits are not approved absences. In the event of serious illness, the candidate can provide a doctor’s note and the five absence rule will be reviewed by the Activities Director.

School Service:  15 hours of school service. There are now only eight pre-approved school service organizations that you may work for in order to receive school credit. They are PTSA, Dolphin Force, Grad Nite, Paths, the Library and any CUSD approved tutoring or instructional program, along with the donation of home-made baked goods to school events and donation of blood to school-sponsored blood drives. No credit will be given for service hours with teachers, teams, clubs or for individual tutoring. No hour credit will be given for any items donated that were not home-made. Credit will ONLY be earned for Saturday recycling events. (No after school or lunchtime recycling.) Students must turn in service hour logs with each event as a separate entry and verify hours as indicated on logs. No combining of events. Late turn in or incomplete hour logs or applications result in no credit given.

1.  Donation of Baked Goods:

A maximum of three (3) total hours will be given throughout the school year for donated items. All baked goods donated must be home-made. No credit will be given for store bought food, beverages, etc.

2.   Blood Donations:

Two (2) total hours will be given to a student for each blood donation. Limit of two blood drives per year.

3.   Maximum of Eight (8) Volunteer Hours Per Day

California labor laws specify that a minor may not work for more than 8 hours per day. 

Meeting: There is an informational meeting scheduled on Monday, August 26, at 8am in the Porthole Theatre to explain all rules regarding Dolphin Pride. Students may still participate in the program if they do not attend the meeting; however, they are responsible for the understanding of all aspects of this program. Failure to follow the rules of the program will result in disqualification from the award. This award recognizes student responsibility. As the student, you alone are held responsible.

We invite all interested students to apply for this year’s award. Students who earn the award for three and four years are recognized at the Senior Awards night with a medallion. This medallion may be worn at graduation.                                                                    

Dolphin Pride Award


School Service Hours Log

Please use the form below for recording all service hours.

Service Hours Log

The deadline for all students to submit their hours will be Friday, April 24, 2020.    

Completed forms need to be loopmailed to Stephanie Lenthall, PTSA Dolphin Pride Chair.

2019 Senior Medallion Recipients

Three Year:

Jaden Haskins


Four Year:

Andrew Drossel

Matthew Drossel

Dylan Potter

2019-2020 Applicants

If you applied for the Dolphin Pride Award this year you should have received an email confirmation.

Underclass Recipients for the 2018-2019 School Year

3 Year Recipients  
Jared Ammann  
Charlie Gravitt  
Julia Iacono  
Carsen Lenthall  
Emma Reynolds  

Charlotte Tonks


2 Year Recipients

Yuhjin Chung

Donovan Dopf

Nicholas Drossel

Gloria Kao

Jennifer Maitino

Natalie Misri

Katie Root

Sean Treichler

Eve Viramontes


1 Year Recipient

Julia Biernat

Chloe Brandvig

Caden Davis

Tristan Frickman

Satia Hatami

Jaiden Jenkins-Kiefer

Riley Lenthall

Christopher Leone

Aakrsh Misra

Claire Nghiem

Zebulun Watson-Muhammad


Awards are presented by PTSA. If you are not listed, or have questions, please contact PTSA for answers.