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ASU President


Hello Dana Hills Dolphins,


First, I just want to take the time to thank you for visiting my page. Even if this was an accidental click as you were trying to navigate our website to buy school dance tickets, welcome! My name is Gianna Marietti, and I am currently serving as the student body ASU President for the 2018-2019 school year.


Quick backstory on my school I.D. picture you see displayed to the right of this message. The photo used for each senior in the yearbook is chosen from our senior portrait photoshoot done during the summer. So, during school registration, I thought why not make a scowling face and put my hair up in Princess Leia buns? No one will see this photo unless they look at my I.D. card, right? Well, wrong, I was unaware they used this photo for the website as well. But what’s high school without some embarrassment? In reality, I am quite a friendly and smiley person, so feel free to wave hello to me in the hallway or around Dana Point, (because I essentially live at I LOVE BAGELS).


One thing I learned right off the bat freshman year at Dana Hills was that involvement is the key to success. Active school participation has opened up so many doors for me in both my personal and educational life. I am a four-year pep squad member, three year ASU member, Improv Comedy Team member, Conspiracy Theory Club president, and an active member in many other clubs on campus. You most likely recognize me as the voice on the morning announcements or the author of the weekly update emails!


If you are on the edge about joining a sport, starting a club, or even just attending the Homecoming dance, take a deep breath and go for it. With only four short years at this school, it’s important to take advantage of all Dana Hills has to offer to its students and community.


If your sports team, club, organization, etc. would like any special announcements or information to be sent out on the weekly emails or want to submit an Advertising Service Request through ASU (posters, social media, etc), go to the home page of the website and to the left, select Request for Advertising by ASU underneath Quicklinks to submit a service request. If you have any other questions or constructive advice, you can reach me on my personal email:


Your President,


Gianna Marietti


Gianna M
Gianna Marietti

Associated Student Union



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