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Welcome Back Rally 2k19

Coming this Friday to a gym near you....the Pep committee throws together another successful rally. This spark is what will ignite this year to make it lit. By having great games, sharing laughs, and spreading the love, everyone will be not only hyped, but thrilled to say they are a dolphin. With our new principal at the wheel, the school and the hype is secured now more than ever. 

Wiinter Rally December 8th

Jump into the childhood games that practically raised you! Participants are needed for our Wii themed rally and if you are interested  contact Tracy Mann or anyone on the Pep Committee to show your spirit. 

Pep Members

Megan Espinosa(commissioner) -Senior

Sammy Harris- Junior

Emily Rhodes- Junior

Mia Mckeown- Junior

Mia Kleindienst- Sophomore

Will Daniels- Freshman

Scotlyn Stabile- Freshman

Upcoming Events

Welcome Back Rally- August 25th

Homecoming Rally- September 15th

Winter Rally- December 8th