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2018-2019 Fiscal Year

ASU Business Meeting Minutes

ASU Purchase Order Approvals

2018-2019 ASU Budget


Breast Cancer Research Bake Sale (10/17/18)

Track and Field Snow Cone Sale at Football Game (8/29) (9/5)

Mixed Bag Fundraiser - SOCSA (9/5/18)

Girls Volleyball Weekly Snack Bar (9/19/18)

Rita's Shaved Ice-KHK (9/5/18)
SOCSA Snack Cart (9/19/18)

Snap-Dance Team (9/19/18)

Bake Sale at Football Game-KHK (9/26/18)

Raise money for Girls Volleyball at Chipotle (9/26/28)

Selling Canes at Tailgate for RH Dana Students Field Trip  (9/26/18)

Raise Money for Girls Basketball at Oh My Sushi (9/26/28)

Raise Money for Girls basketball at Habit (9/26/18)

Diva Dance Camp/Junior Dolphins  (9/12/18)

Lemonade Club at Football Game (10/17/18)

Selling Poinsettias for SOCSA (10/24/18)

Selling See's Candy for SOCSA Departments (10/24/18)

Snap raise - SOCSA (Band and Orchestra) (10/24/18)

Selling Canes at Football Tailgate-Loud Crowd/Athletics (10/24/18)

Dance Team-Estate Sale (9/19/18)

Outback-Softball (10/30/18)

Popcornopolis-AVID (11/28/18)

Sees Candy- Dance Team (9/19/18)

Snap Raise-Boys LAX (12/12/18)

Senior Banners - AVID (1/19/19)

Shwack-Wrestling Team (12/9/18)

Raise money for KHK at Chipotle (2/5/19)

STEPS Program Aquafin Water Company (2/13/19)

Boys' and Girls' Lacrosse Spring Cleaning Sale (2/13/19)

Angels "Choir Night" (2/20/19)

Sees Candy- SOCSA Theater Dept. (3/13/19)

Snack Bar Tacos Sales at Track Meets (3/13/19)

National Honors Society Fundraiser (3/27/19)

Lemonade Sales at Track Meet (3/27/19)

Worlds Finest Chocolate Sales (5/8/19)

Blast Athletics Fundraiser (4/17/19)

Bottle Water Sales at Graduation (5/29/19)

Graduation Snack-Bar (5/29/19)

Graduation Leis (5/29/19)