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Staff Directory

Staff Directory

Name Title Email
Abedi, Reza Teacher reabedi@capousd.org
Bauer, Barbara Teacher BABAUER@capousd.org
Berg, Erika Assistant Principal EABERG@capousd.org
Borden, Bonnie Academic Advisor bsborden@capousd.org
Bovee, Jessica Counselor jwbovee@capousd.org
Boyle, Jeanette Teacher jmboyle@capousd.org
Bradshaw, Jolene Teacher jabradshaw@capousd.org
Brooks, Michael Teacher mgbrooks@capousd.org
Brown, David Teacher dabrown@capousd.org
Brucks, Jessica Teacher jebrucks@capousd.org
Casazza, Ann Marie Academic Advisor amcasazza@capousd.org
Caselli, Carolyn Teacher cacaselli@capousd.org
Casey, Brittany Teacher bhcasey@capousd.org
Clarke, Kristine Teacher kmclarke@capousd.org
Coghill, Molly Teacher mkcoghill@capousd.org
Compean, Leo Teacher lecompean@capousd.org
Cosenza, Brandon Teacher bccosenza@capousd.org
Daly, James Teacher jjdaly@capousd.org
Dang, Dolores Teacher dtdang@capousd.org
Daniels, Deborah Teacher djdaniels@capousd.org
Danna, Mary Teacher mmdanna@capousd.org
Denison, Amanda Teacher ajdenison@capousd.org
Desiano, Tom Teacher tadesiano@capousd.org
Donnelly, John Teacher jwdonnelly@capousd.org
Duncan, Christine Teacher chduncan@capousd.org
Dunn, Craig Teacher cldunn@capousd.org
Faris, Tom Athletic Director tcfaris@capousd.org
Fenstermaker, Maryann Teacher mafenstermaker@capousd.org
Fermin, Cara Teacher clfermin@capousd.org
Forbes, Steve Teacher sdforbes@capousd.org
Forster, Glenn Teacher geforster@capousd.org
Frazier, Lauren Teacher lefrazier@capousd.org
Garcia, Jeri Teacher jagarcia@capousd.org
Georgia, Dave Athletic Director dsgeorgia@capousd.org
Green, Justin Teacher jpgreen@capousd.org
Guarino, Jeffrey Teacher jmguarino@capousd.org
Gunderson, John Teacher jagunderson@capousd.org
Gustafson, Douglas Teacher dagustafson@capousd.org
Haapala, Lyndsey Teacher lmhaapala@capousd.org
Haninger, Corrine Teacher crhaninger@capousd.org
Hansen, Ivan Teacher iwhansen@capousd.org
Harris, Rob Teacher rcharris@capousd.org
Harris, Nichole Counselor NYHARRIS@capousd.org
Hernandez, Alissa Teacher amhernandez@capousd.org
Horton, Leslie Teacher lahorton@capousd.org
Hribar-Kelly, Natalie Teacher ndhribar@capousd.org
Hudson, Randy Teacher rrhudson@capousd.org
Hulse, Mike Teacher mshulse@capousd.org
Hussein, Abir Teacher amhussein@capousd.org
Hwang, Polly Teacher pohwang@capousd.org
Johnson, Georgette Teacher gmjohnson@capousd.org
Kam, Kathi Acadmic Advisor kekam@capousd.org
Kauo III, Joe Teacher jokauo@capousd.org
Krogsdale, Sue Teacher smkrogsdale@capousd.org
Lee, Lindsey Teacher lalee@capousd.org
Lee, Audra Academic Advisor ajlee@capousd.org
Lindroth, Lauren Teacher lalindroth@capousd.org
Litus, Lauren Teacher lalitus@capousd.org
Lomeli, Susanna Registrar smlomeli@capousd.org
Lovett, Nikki Teacher nrlovett@capousd.org
Lynch, Janis Academic Advisor JLLYNCH@capousd.org
Mairs, Robin Teacher remairs@capousd.org
Marshall, Sarah Teacher swmarshall@capousd.org
McCarthy, Anna Teacher aemccarthy@capousd.org
Mesa, Sandy Teacher samesa@capousd.org
Monson, Stacy Teacher snmonson@capousd.org
Moos, Theresa Teacher tcmoos@capousd.org
Mortazavi, Jasmin Teacher jamortazavi@capousd.org
Nedler, Ken Activities Director kanedler@capousd.org
Nikolenko, Max Trainer mtnikolenko@capousd.org
Ochwat, Adam Teacher aochwat@capousd.org
Ortiz, Ashley Teacher aeortiz@capousd.org
Ostle, Sabrina Teacher saostle@capousd.org
Ploskina, Candace Teacher CMPLOSKINA@capousd.org
Prinz, Jeff Teacher jpprinz@capousd.org
Ralph, Jennifer Teacher jfralph@capousd.org
Reid, Mark Teacher msreid@capousd.org
Reid, Rebecca Teacher rgreid@capousd.org
Rice, Alana Teacher ACRICE@capousd.org
Rigby, Mike Teacher marigby@capousd.org
Rim, Steve Assistant Principal srim@capousd.org
Rosa, Matt Teacher mjrosa@capousd.org
Rosser, John Teacher jarosser@capousd.org
Sabol, Amy Assistant Principal amsabol@capousd.org
Sampson, Audra Teacher aksampson@capousd.org
Sampson, Tim Teacher twsampson@capousd.org
Sanford, Samantha Teacher sasanford@capousd.org
Schwartzberg, Jake Teacher mcschwartzberg@capousd.org
Sharma, Sarika Teacher sasharma@capousd.org
Simmons, Oz Teacher oasimmons@capousd.org
Sims, Andy Teacher awsims@capousd.org
Sink, Scott Teacher sdsink@capousd.org
Skinner, Phillip Teacher paskinner@capousd.org
Smith, Nick Teacher nlsmith@capousd.org
Snow, Krista Teacher krsnow@capousd.org
Stinson, Rick Teacher rastinson@capousd.org
Stirtz, Gail Teacher gastirtz@capousd.org
Streza, Katrina Teacher klstreza@capousd.org
Sullivan, Mike Teacher mjsullivan@capousd.org
Swenson, Liz Teacher ejswenson@capousd.org
Tapper, Joel Teacher jrtapper@capousd.org
Tran, Chau Teacher cktran@capousd.org
Valderrama, Andrew Teacher abvalderrama@capousd.org
Vermeulen, Don Teacher dlvermeulen@capousd.org
Wade, Steve Teacher srwade@capousd.org
Wallace, Danielle Teacher djwallace@capousd.org
Wallace, Tiffany Teacher tmwallace@capousd.org
Wanders, Chad Teacher crwanders@capousd.org
Webb, Jill Teacher JWEBB@capousd.org
Wigglesworth, Mike Teacher miwigglesworth@capousd.org
Williamson, Nancy Teacher njwilliamson@capousd.org
Wingen, Tammy Teacher tawingen@capousd.org
Wood, Joe Teacher JHWood@capousd.org
Woods, Ray Teacher rpwoods@capousd.org
Workman, Ken Teacher kbworkman@capousd.org
Wu, Emily Teacher ejwu@capousd.org
Yim, Summer Academic Advisor sjyim@capousd.org
Zamora, Silvia Teacher sszamorabalderrama@capousd.org

Non-Discrimination Statement

The Capistrano Unified School District prohibits discrimination, harassment, intimidation, and bullying in all district activities, programs, and employment based upon actual or perceived gender, gender identity, gender expression, race, ethnicity, color, religion, ancestry, nationality, national origin, ethnic group identification, sex, sexual orientation, marital or parental status, pregnancy, age, physical or mental disability or on the basis of a person’s association with a person or group with one or more of these actual or perceived characteristics. Reference: AR 1312.3, BP 1312.3 and BP 5183.

Rich Montgomery, Executive Director, Human Resource Services/Compliance
33122 Valle Road, San Juan Capistrano, CA 92675
(949) 234-9200

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