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Class of 2019

Homecoming Week Information

Homecoming  2017 Timeline for Rehearsals


Monday, September 11, 6:00-8:00pm: Class rehearsal at stadium. Each class must have 26 students specifically assigned to carrying the set out to the field. This rehearsal will be a general introduction to how the halftime show operates, how we carry out the sets and the first viewing of the class dance. Each dance will be reviewed by an advisor and activities director and changes, if required, will be made at this time. Classes will be dismissed after they have demonstrated that they are organized in carrying out their set and have their dance reviewed.


Tuesday, September 12, 6:00-7:30pm: Tonight we will again practice moving the sets on and off the field. Tonight they will have 45 seconds to move everything into place and set the dancers for the beginning positions on the field. When your class is approved for set up, your group may practice their dance.


Wednesday, September13, No practice tonight


Thursday, September 14, 6:30-10:00pm: Dress rehearsal. This night is mandatory for everyone to attend. Those with athletic commitments still must attend this night after they return from their events (Tennis, Volleyball and Water Polo.) Wristbands will be made and distributed based upon tonight’s attendance. Class presidents, at 3:00pm, you will need to have a team of six to 10 people to zip-tie your canvas on to the frame. You will have 90 minutes to complete this task. The focus of tonight will be running through the entire show in the exact time of 15:30. We will run the rehearsal once with lights and once in the dark. Before starting the rehearsals, each class will perform its dance, in full costume, for its final approval. You must have your costume with you tonight to be included in the dance. Homecoming court, with parents, are required as well.


Friday, September 15: SHOW TIME! Students wearing their wristbands will be allowed on to the field at the star of the 2nd quarter. Please move to the sides where your set is located. Do not stand on the field. Following the game, Class Presidents will need a team of 8 students and two adults with cordless electric drills to break down their sets and return them to storage.


  • Please note: Participation in the halftime show does not include admission to the game. Students with ASU Activity cards are free. All other students, with ID cards, are $10.
  • The class tee shirt is optional. If you choose not to purchase the shirt, you must be in a solid color-coordinated tee shirt.


Class of 2019
Class Advisor
Douglas Gustafson ex: 11915 Social Science and CCP Teacher

Class Officers

Rachel Reeves, Class President

Kiana Brackenridge, Class Secretary-Treasurer

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