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DHHS Academies


To contact a staff member, please call (949) 496-6666 and use their extension below, or login to School Loop and contact them via LoopMail.

Abedi, Reza ex.11881 Foreign Language Teacher, Athletic Wrestling Coach
Andersen, Raylen ex.11010 Guidance Secretary
Barahona, Lauren ex.11406 Math Teacher
Barber, Angela ex.11910 Special Education Teacher
Berg, Erika Assistant Principal (L-Z)
Black, Chelsea ex.11709 English Teacher
Borden, Bonnie ex.11016 Head Academic Advisor (Gra-Lew)
Bovee, Jessica ex.11256 Counselor (L-Z)
Boyle, Jeanette ex.11611 Health Teacher
Bradshaw, Jolene ex.11609 Special Education Teacher
Brooks, Michael ex.11921 Social Science Teacher
Brown, David ex.11923 Social Science Teacher/ Girls' X-Country Coach
Brucks, Jessica ex.11705 English Teacher
Casazza, Ann Marie ex.11015 Academic Advisor (Col-Gou)
Caselli, Carolyn ex.11707 English and AVID Teacher
Casey, Brittany ex.11201 SOCSA Dance/Musical Theater/ASU Instructor
Clarke, Kristine ex.11821 Science Teacher
Coghill, Molly ex.11606 English Teacher/ English Department Chair
Coppola, Luci Assistant Principal
Cosenza, Brandon ex.11891 Foreign Language Teacher/ Foreign Language Dept Chair/ Athletic Softball Coach
Cruz, Delia ex.11020 Community Liaison (Spanish)
Daly III, James ex.11702 English Teacher
Dang-Wright, Dolores ex.11823 Science Teacher
Daniels, Deborah ex.11951 Physical Education Teacher/ Physical Education Department Chair
Danna, Mary ex.11825 Science Teacher
Desiano, Tom ex.11911 Social Science Teacher/ Boys' Basketball Coach
Donnelly, John ex.11907 Special Education Teacher/ Athletic Football Coach
Duncan, Christine ex.11817 Science Teacher
Dunn, Craig ex.11506 Physical Education and CCP Teacher/ Boys' X-Country Coach
Faris, Tom ex.11038 Athletic Baseball and Girls' Volleyball Coach
Fenstermaker, Mary Anne ex.11925 Social Science Teacher
Fermin, Cara ex.11885 Foreign Language Teacher
Forbes, Steven ex.11501 Special Education Teacher/ Special Education Department Chair
Forster, Glenn ex.11507 CCP and AP Comp Sci Teacher/ Athletic Golf Coach
Fox, Kelli ex.11028 Nurse
Garcia, Jeri ex.11815 Science and Health Teacher
Georgia, David ex.11039 Co-Athletic Director/ Girls' Waterpolo, Soccer, Basketball/ Boy's Lacrosse
Gibby, Sharon ex.11001 Office Manager/ Principal's Assistant
Godfrey, Nicole ex.11500 Speech Pathologist
Green, Justin ex.11408 Athletic Tennis Coach
Guarino, Jeffrey ex.11703 English Teacher
Gunderson, John ex.11920 Social Science Teacher
Gustafson, Douglas ex.11915 Social Science and CCP Teacher
Gutierrez, Angie ex.11011 Guidance Secretary
Gutierrez, Connie ex.11010 Attendance Clerk (P-Z)
Haapala, Lyndsey ex.11820 Science Teacher
Hansen, Ivan ex.11411 English and Academic Intervention Teacher
Harris, Robert ex.11304 Special Education Teacher
Harrison, Colleen ex.11505 Math Teacher
Hart, Kelly ex.11000 Receptionist
Hernandez, Alissa ex.11202 Fine Arts Teacher
Horton, Leslie ex.11908 Education Specialist
Hribar-Kelly, Natalie ex.11508 Fine Arts Teacher/ Fine Arts Department Chair
Hudson, Randy ex.11812 Science Teacher/ Science Department Chair
Hulse, Mike ex.11918 Social Science Teacher
Hussein, Abir ex.11892 Foreign Language Teacher
Hwang, Polly ex.11406 Math Teacher
Jacobs, Corrine ex.11407 Math Teacher
Jakovich, Alexis ex.11017 Academic Advisor (Lia-Pel)
Kam, Kathi ex.11014 Academic Advisor (A-Coh)
Kaufman, Joan ex.11889 Intervention Specialist
Kauo III, Joe ex.11610 English Teacher
Knoot, Kevin ex.11031 Librarian
Lapine, Linda ex.11006 Attendance Clerk (A-G)
Lee, Audra ex.11019 Academic Advisor (Shon-Z)
Lee, Lindsey ex.11951 Physical Education, Health and Dance Teacher
Lindroth, Lauren ex.11605 English Teacher
Longdon, Nathan ex.11212 Fine Arts Teacher/ SOCSA Artistic Director
Lovett, Nicole ex.11912 Social Science Teacher
Lujano, Phaedra ex.11704 English Teacher
Mairs, Robin ex.11914 Social Science Teacher
Marshall, Sarah ex.11924 Social Science Teacher
McCarthy, Anna ex.11899 Special Education Teacher
Mesa, Sandra ex.11882 Foreign Language Teacher
Monson, Stacy ex.11824 Science Teacher
Moos, Theresa ex.11603 English Teacher
Nedler, Ken ex.11201 Director of Student Activities
Nedler, Ken Activities Director/ASU Instructor
Nikolenko, Max ex.11818 ROP Teacher
Ordish, Jeanette ex.11012 Guidance Clerk
Ostle, Sabrina ex.11893 Foreign Language Teacher
Patrzalek, Patty ex.11007 Attendance Clerk (H-O)
Pegan, Erin ex.11809 Psychologist
Peterson, Erin ex.11032 DHHS Library
Ploskina, Candace ex.11707 English Teacher
Porter, Joshua Principal
Prinz, Jeff ex.11404 Math Teacher
Ralph, Jennifer ex.11883 Foreign Language Teacher
Reid, Mark ex.11205 Fine Arts Teacher
Reid, Rebecca ex.11813 Science Teacher
Rice, Alana ex.11504 Math Teacher
Rigby, Michael A ex.11409 Math Teacher
Rinke, Angela ex.11311 Special Education Teacher
Rodriguez, Krista ex.11301 Fine Arts Teacher
Rosa, Matt ex.11401 Math Teacher/ Boys' Waterpolo Coach
Rosser, John ex.11412 Math Teacher
Sabol, Amy Assistant Principal Guidance
Sampson, Timothy ex.11706 English Teacher/ Newspaper and Yearbook Director/ Athletic Surfing Coach
Sanford, Samantha ex.11305 Fine Arts Teacher
Schwab, Diana ex.11602 English Teacher
Schwartzberg, Jake ex.11502 Math Teacher/ Math Department Chair
Sharma, Sarika ex.11822 Science Teacher
Simmons, Oz ex.11403 Math Teacher/ Boys' Volleyball Coach
Sims, Andrew ex.11909 Social Science Teacher
Sink, Scott ex.11890 Foreign Language Teacher
Skinner, Phillip ex.11922 Special Education Teacher/ Athletic Football Coach
Smith, Nicolas ex.11408 Math Teacher
Stagner, Diane Staff
Stinson, Rick ex.11816 Science Teacher/ Stand Up Paddle Coach
Stirtz, Gail ex.11608 English Teacher
Stover, Linda ex.11022 Activities Clerk
Streza, Katrina ex.11916 Social Science/ AVID Teacher
Sullivan, Michael ex.11810 Science Teacher
Swenson, Elizabeth ex.11405 Math Teacher
Tapper, Joel ex.11310 Special Education Teacher
Tran, Chau ex.11284 Fine Arts Teacher
Valderrama, Andrew ex.11604 English Teacher
Vermeulen, Donald ex.11601 English Teacher
Wallace, Danielle ex.11913 Social Science Teacher
Wallace, Tiffany ex.11819 Math Teacher
Wanders, Chad ex.11899 Special Education Teacher
Wigglesworth, Michael ex.11919 Social Science Teacher
Williamson, Nancy ex.11402 Math Teacher
Wingen, Tammie ex.11814 Science and Health Teacher/ Health Academy Director
Wood, Joe ex.11952 Physical Education Teacher
Workman, Kenneth ex.11506 Physical Education and CCP Teacher
Wu, Emily ex.11710 English Teacher
Yim, Summer ex.11018 Academic Advisor (Pen-Shok)
Youngblood, John ex.11811 Science Teacher
Zamora Balderrama, Silvia ex.11884 Foreign Language Teacher
Zides, Michelle ex.11712 Counselor (A-K)
~Garber, Jana ex.11202 Fine Arts Teacher

Non-Discrimination Statement

The Capistrano Unified School District prohibits discrimination, harassment, intimidation, and bullying in all district activities, programs, and employment based upon actual or perceived gender, gender identity, gender expression, race, ethnicity, color, religion, ancestry, nationality, national origin, ethnic group identification, sex, sexual orientation, marital or parental status, pregnancy, age, physical or mental disability or on the basis of a person’s association with a person or group with one or more of these actual or perceived characteristics. Reference: AR 1312.3, BP 1312.3 and BP 5183.

Rich Montgomery, Executive Director, Human Resource Services/Compliance
33122 Valle Road, San Juan Capistrano, CA 92675
(949) 234-9200

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