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Loud Crowd Committee, Leaders of the Pod Squad

About the Pod Squad

YOU are part of the Pod, and the Pod Squad is all about supporting Dana Hills and having fun.

How To Earn Points for Yourself and Your Class

Participate in dress up days and activities outside of school such as Games Of The Week, away games, club events etc..

How to Check Into Events

You can find one of the lowd crowd members (Tabi, Kyra, Alexis, Kaden, or Bella) and ask them to scan your student ID. If ID is not present you can ask them to type in your ID number.



How to Use the 5 Star App

Use the 5 Star App to check the amount of points you have.

How To Redeem Points

To redeem your points during lunch or passing period you can find Mr. Nedler and ask tell him or one of the lowd crowd member that you are ready to redeem your points.

Loud Crowd Leadership

The Loud Crowd are the loud and proud ASU leaders who set up the Pod Squad.

Tabi Franco

Kaden Likins

Bella Hanna

Kyra Henderson

Alexis Padula

Amanda DeGeorge


Additional People to Scan Your Attendance

Meet Your Check-in/Scanning Team


Sophi Hanna Gabe Anderson Riley Coffey
Mr. Nedler Dr. Porter Ms. Sabol
Ms. Berg Mrs. Casey Mr. Georgia
Mr. Smith Mr. Gustafson Ms. Johnson
Ms. Brucks Ms. Haapala